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Bride-to-be "Willy Says!" Game

 No, this isn't Simon Says, it's "Willy Says"...and Willy wants to make your next Bachelorette Party a huge hit!  This game features 80 "Willy Says" dare cards that are willy-shaped too and can be used a number of ways:

* The hostess can hand out cards to partygoers one at a time
* You can assign points to each card and see who can complete the most dares and win.
* Read the dare out loud and have everyone watch as the Bride-to-be performs what was asked.
* Distribute the cards evenly amongst all players and see who can complete the most dares within a time limit...

The possibilities are endless, but the fun is guaranteed!  Be sure to pick up a few extra items as prizes (think Penis Ring Pops, Sexy Tattoos, shot glasses...)

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