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25 EZ-Squeeze Shot Cups with Lids

Now that you've ordered your Jello Shot Mixes, you want to make sure that your guests will enjoy taking those delicious shots at your Bachelorette need the EZ Squeeze Shot Cups, which were specifically designed for this!

When squeezing the 2oz capacity cup, the contents are gently eased upwards to the top of the cup where it can be accessed to your mouth easily without a mess and more importantly, without using your finger to loosen up or dig out the jello! The accordion-like, flexible design means getting the jello out is a breeze.  EZ-Squeeze Cups will NOT crack when you squeeze 'em, so they can be re-used. The unique, stylish design of the EZ-Squeeze Cup also includes two large gaps at the base of the cup that allow cold air to flow freely beneath the cup, which chills the contents faster and decreases the "set-time" for Jello!!! Genius or what? The lids mean that there is no spillage in your freezer either - what more could you ask for?

*Sold in groups of 25 (lids included, mixes not included).

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