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Clear Peni-Colada Jello Shot Syringes

Finally, a product that performs just like the "real thing!"  These outrageous clear Peni-Colada™ Jello Shot Syringes are the wildest and craziest way ever to serve your favourite jello, pudding or liquid shots.

Peni-Colada's are MADE for jello shots, so they have an extra-wide opening at the bottom, and the shots easily squirt out! They can also be used for pudding or liquid shots as well! So quick and easy to fill! Just pull back on the syringe plunger, and "suck-in" the shot mixture, allow shots to chill for few hours, and then push the shots right out into your mouth! Each Peni-Colada Shot Syringe comes completely assembled with a top quality "penis-shaped" barrel, plunger, and over sized cap to lock in the liquids. Peni-Colada Shot Syringes are easy to clean and are 100% RE-USABLE.  

They are sold individually, and also come in pink plastic.
• 1.5oz Max Capacity
• High Quality Construction
• FDA Approved Product
• Dishwasher Safe

Remember to pick up enough for everyone on the invite list! These are a MUST-HAVE item for your next Bachelorette Party - and since they're such great'll be able to use them again and again!  Girl's Night will never be the same! 

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