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What do you mean "Sold Out?"!

Good evening ladies, are the greatest customers - have I told you that enough yet?  We just can't keep your favourite items on the shelf long enough.  But have no fear, whenever you see that dreadful "Sold Out" sign, rest assured that we have more of what you want on the way as soon as possible.  Be sure to check back often because we love adding new items as well every time we bring your favourites back in stock.  Never hesitate to send us an email if you are curious to know when your favourite "Sold Out" item is expected back on our virtual shelves - we are always happy to hear from you!

For example, in the next couple days, when those pesky "Sold Out" signs are gone, you will also find some super fun new products such as "Penis Ring Pops" and "Willie Strobe light buttons!"  I know, I know...I can't wait until they arrive either!!!

You don't want to miss out on these stay tuned and always remember that making sure you're happy and that your Bachelorette Party is unforgettable are our our top priorities!

Love from the PLANET,


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