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Bachelorette Party Survival Kits for All!

Good evening ladies,

Just came across these awesome looking "Bachelorette Party Survival Kits" online (source let me know if you're the creative genius!) and had to share them with you to inspire your creativity!!!

What a great way to get the party started and make all the guests feel welcome and special.  Fill some little dollar store containers with  items that canhelp make the Bachelorette Party a little more exciting.  

Items to consider:
- pink lip gloss
- stickers
- mints
- mini liquor bottles
-  leis
- shot glasses
- rings
- tattoos
- candy
- naughty straws

Hey, look at that - we carry so many of those little items!!! be creative with how you give them out for a night that no guest will forget!  Be sure to also print up one of our three FREE Bachelorette Scavenger Hunts to include in each favour bag too!

Sweet dreams from the PLANET,


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