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NEW - Spotlight on Iron-on Tranfers

Good morning ladies!

I remember looking everywhere for affordable and cute tees or tanks for a wedding party I was in a few summers ago and not being able to find anything on-line or in stores for less than $25!  When you're trying to convince the rest of the party that this is a good idea, asking them to fork over that much was a challenge...I wish I had found these in time!

These super cute transfers are just that: transfers! Meaning that you can hit up your local craft store (and even some dollar stores) for plain or coloured tees or tanks (which are often 2 for $5) and just iron them on for the complete look without the hefty price tag!!!

When my bridal party created these tanks for me, we ended up wearing them as we were being photographed getting ready on the morning of my wedding - it makes for great pictures and memories.  I still wear mine as a pyjama top too!

(P.S. I haven't had my make-up done yet, alright?!!!)

So for less than $15 a person, you will have an incredible group look that you'll wear again and again.  

I hope you're feeling inspired and creative today!

Love from the PLANET,


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