7 must-have Bachelorette Party Props!

August 15, 2011

I know you're not planning the Big Day, like your favourite Bride-to-be is, but well-known wedding website "" has a great article suggesting 7 props that every good Bachelorette Party should have.  

And the best part:  You can find 6 out of 7 items here at !

 If you don't have time to read the whole article here, let me share their list with you quickly and add my opinions (because we know I can't stop myself!):

1. Head piece
- will you choose a baseball cap, sparkly tiara or giant pecker...hee decide based on the comfort of your B2B

2. Dare-to-do List - Head to our "games" page for your options, or download our FREE scavenger hunt lists

3. Suck-for-a-buck accessory - we carry both a do-it-yourself kit (to suit any t-shirt or tank) and the t-shirt kit as well

4. A bit of burlesque - think boas, garters, rings and badges

5. Blow-up doll - ok we may not carry the full doll, but we do carry his "anatomy" in blow up you have to choose if you want it small, medium or large!!!  Go to or "inflatables" page for more.

6. X-rated essentials - may favourites, although not for everyone, this is her last night to get away with really being silly!  Pick up our flashing willie badge, or go more coy with a penis ring pop or hidden willie tattoo...your options on are endless in this category!

7. Disposable cameras - well, unfortunately, this is where I fail you...however, you may just want to opt for cell-phone quality pictures on this you really want to see the pictures in the morning?!!!

I am dying to see what you're doing with our products, so please don't be shy to send us your favourite pictures to share or let us know how it went on our FaceBook page by clicking here.

Love from the PLANET,


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