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January 06, 2012

Planning a Winter Bachelorette Party for your favourite bride-to-be?  Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean the fun has to wait!  Check out these ideas to get your party-planning in gear:

Winter Resorts - why not rent a little cabin or chalet at a resort (regardless of whether she skis or not) for a getaway weekend.  Be sure that it has a hottub on site, some shopping nearby and some restaurants or bars too.  If it gets too cold to venture out in skis or snowshoes, you've brought games, drinks and munchies and that hottub or fireplace will keep you all warm all night.

The Classic Slumber Party - rent cheesy movies, wedding movies or naughty movies and giggle the night away in your pjs.  She'll love staying cozy and spending time with her favourite friends in a relaxed environment.  Pick up a few games, decorations and favours to make it extra-special.

Day or evening at the Spa - go for group mani-pedis, massages and facials...the perfect day!  Many spas will allow you to bring in champagne or wine (call ahead) or will offer catering services as well.  You could also have the spa come to you with many options for these services in your home in most major cities.

Theme Party - depending on your bride-to-be and group of friends, you could organize an adult-toy party, cooking lessons, wine tasting, pole-dancing...the options are endless.

OR just get her out there anyways - we're Canadian right?!  Keep your bride-to-be warm with a feather boa, veiled tiara (still cute over a toque), sash and special drinks as you hit the town.  Be sure to arrange for a driver to avoid waiting in the cold...splurge on a limo or taxi service for the night.

Hope these ideas heat up your plans - don't forget to pick up all your gear and games here!

Love from the PLANET,



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