Please...don't stop the MUSIC!

June 11, 2012

Whether you're staying in or heading out with your favourite Bride-to-Be, be sure to plan ahead and make a playlist of Bachelorette Party-type SONGS to set the perfect tone for your next Bachelorette Party.

Doing some Spring cleaning at my home on the weekend, I came across a "mixed CD" (does anyone make these anymore?) called "Sarah's 'Oh my F#@*!' Bachelorette Mix 2006!"  Two girlfriends and I came up with some songs, threw them on a CD and actually created CD covers and the whole works to give out to all the ladies who came to celebrate with her...

OK, that was a side note, and you don't need to go making huge CD Favours for everyone, but you DO need to pick some fun, sexy and girly songs.  Here's what we had on the list in 2006:

It's Raining Men,                                    Bootylicious, 
Get Down Tonight,                             Supermodel, 
Buttons,                                     Shoop,
Ladies Night,                             Going to the Chapel,
I want your Sex,                             Bad Touch,
Dirty,                                         My Humps,
Baby Got Back,                             RESPECT,
I'm a Slave for you,                             I'm too sexy,
Like a Virgin,                             Shook me all night long,
Girls just wanna have fun,                     Let's get Married,
and I say a little Prayer

Looking for more MUSIC inspiration (and maybe some more current tunes too)? Just type "Bachelorette Party Playlist" into your fave search engine and you'll end up with countless lists full of great tunes to get all the ladies pumped up and ready for a night of fun!

Love from the PLANET,


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