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Fabulous Tee Idea!

Hello my lovely ladies!

So I have finally discovered the wonderful and highly addictive world of Pinterest and wanted to share with you a super cute T-shirt idea that I stumbled begs the question you are all thinking, but would never say "Why does the bride-to-be get to have all the fun?!!!" LOL!

Well, you work hard too - just look at you shopping at and finding her the perfect items for the perfect Bachelorette Party, right?  Well, after you buy her a special t-shirt, head to a craft store and pick up a plain tee and some iron-on letters and make yourself THIS:


It's absolutely hilarious...and hey, if it works, you could be in for one very interesting night!!!

Here's to you DIYers!  If you think of any other fabulous sayings, be sure to send your ideas my way to share. (

Love from the PLANET,



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