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Elegant Bachelorette Party Decor Ideas!

Happy Hump Day Ladies!

Check out this incredibly gorgeous and elegant Bachelorette Party set-up:

(From Hostess with the Mostess - click for even more pics!!!)

Now I know, we can't all go spending a fortune on one night of fun (or change the decor of our entire houses for one party)...but there is a lot to take from this website and it's pictures and many of these items you can DIY (including the menu and drinks, which looks expensively catered!)  

It's fun to pick a theme, this one being the same Parisian theme from the movie "Bridesmaids," and go to town with it! (And for once, sadly, no willies in sight!)  Pink and black and white are classic choices and you will be able to find many extra items in our store to match.

Hope these pics inspire you - and if you've planned and executed a fabulous Bachelorette Party, please share your pictures with us too!

Love from the PLANET,


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