Sexy {Willy-Free} Cake Ideas

July 18, 2012

Good morning ladies,

Wow - you've been keeping us so busy here at the PLANET and we truly appreciate it!  I know we're low or out of some favourite items, but rest assured that they are on their way back to our shelves as you read this, so be sure to come back soon if we don't have what you're looking for today.

I wanted to inspire our lovely bakers out there this week with some Bachelorette Party Cake options that will create a sexy and fun feel for the Bachelorette Party, but without the need for a willy.  "What do you mean no willy?!" Well, they're not for everyone, or every Bride-to-be, so these sample cakes are fantastic alternatives.

From Black Flour Confection Perfection 

Some good cutting and icing skills will help create that beauty...I love the ribbon detailing!

From Lin & Jirsa (LA)

I love the big bling ring and string of black pearls on this one!

From Petals and Pieces

Steady hands for tracing, or make a cardboard stencil and use black a boa et viola!

Clearly, nothing screams "Bachelorette" like hot pink and black!  But I love how each of these cakes is unique and obviously made to suit that special Bride-to-be.  So, put a little thought into the cake before the big event and come up with something your favourite Bachelorette will love to bite into, willy or not!

Love from the PLANET,


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