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NEW Spotlight on...Mini Pecker Party Trays!

Good morning Party Planners!

I just wanted to highlight another NEW item we've got on our shelves - just arrived yesterday and looks like fantastic fun!  It's a package of 3 Mini Pecker Party Trays!


Now, don't be fooled by the word "mini"...these three trays actually measure 9 inches long and are deep enough to hold your favourite dips, chips and candies, or whatever you're serving up for your guests.  You can use them to hold paper and pens for games or as a mold for a special rice krispie treat?!  They are simply three mini versions of our already super popular "Pecker Party Tray."

Whatever you choose to use them for, be sure to pick up a package of 3 today - you won't regret it!

Love from the PLANET,


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